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Everyone loves to talk about their favorite animals especially their pets goodness knows I do . Today we re going to learn the words for common pet ... Animals Cecilee Linke 31.01.2016 11:25:25 http://www.cecileelinke.com/animals/

Electric Blue Fantastic. Released in January 2014 Electric Blue Fantastic is a homage to Cecilee s favorite 80s music. When she was a teenager her ... Electric Blue Fantastic Cecilee Linke 31.01.2016 11:25:25 http://www.cecileelinke.com/electric-blue-fantastic/

Now that you know some basic numbers 1-20 we can start using them for telling time A few things about telling time in French 1 The French generally use ... Telling time Cecilee Linke 31.01.2016 11:25:25 http://www.cecileelinke.com/telling-time/

A few days ago I wrote about finding your own voice and the importance of that in any creative pursuit. And today I thought I d talk about some of my ... Loving What You Have Cecilee Linke 31.01.2016 11:25:25 http://www.cecileelinke.com/loving-what-you-have/

Welcome to the fourth entry in a series where I talk about the inspiration behind some of the characters in my novels Anna Anderson is another character ... Character Inspiration Anna Anderson Cecilee Linke 31.01.2016 11:25:25 http://www.cecileelinke.com/character-inspiration-anna-anderson/

Now for some basic color words in French You might even recognize a few of these colors Bleu. Rouge. Noir. Blanc. Gris. Vert. Rose. Violet. Marron. Jaune ... Colors Cecilee Linke 31.01.2016 11:25:25 http://www.cecileelinke.com/colors/

After playing the clarinet since fifth grade I was ready for something new. When my sophomore year of high school rolled around I decided to join the ... singing Cecilee Linke 31.01.2016 11:25:25 http://www.cecileelinke.com/tag/singing/